Our Bouquet of Services

We offer the following range of services:

- Full Interior design project management

- Lay out consultancy (3D Color Visuals)

- Interior Renovation

- Color scheming, Bespoke Paintings

- Space complete/partial Makeovers

- Supply and Installation of Hard and Soft furnishing

CURTAINS - Windows are the eyes of every living or commercial space. We select, sew, and hoist personalized or co opted designs of high echelon draperies for homes, hotels or companies. Our fabrics are friendly and the colors coordinated. The accessories complement perfectly and you just bask in the flow of compliments on your classy taste.

DUVETS - Fall into the High style of R'N'S exquisite duvet collection! Each R'N'S Duvet is fibre filled and made from 100% double thread cotton. Our duvet sets feature a variety of distinctive contemporary and ethnic styles. Whether your design calls for a duvet set with bold pattern in vibrant colours or a subdued nature theme in a calming color palate or African jungle prints that enable you touch base with the African roots, we are sure to offer you that Timeless piece that completes your vision!

BED SHEETS – Perhaps Bed sheets can be rated as our most renowned product. Our array of bed sheets are all made from 100% double thread cotton. Each sheet is handcrafted and accompanied with 4 complementary pillow cases. From kiddies to hotel spreads, we offer body friendly floral, patterned, themed or plain fabrics as flat and fitted to create an inviting bed for you and yours!
THROWS – We design a variety of pillows from distinct fabrics to add glitz to your décor. Our Throw range includes couch cushions, floor pillows, throw pillows and huggers. We offer unique sizes and shapes and customize sets for living spaces.

FURNITURE – We conceive, design and build quality furnitures for your living space such as beds, sofas {fabric and leather}, dining tables, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, coffee stools, ottomans, etc. Whether made from metal, wood or glass, we hand craft to the least detail!

WALL PAINTINGS - From our Personality, Landscape, Still life, Animal and Abstract styles 100% hand painted oil/acrylic/paintings on canvas, we supply wall paintings that will reflect the excellent interior styling of your Hotel adorning its beautifully colour schemed wall in sheer elegance.

ACCESSORIES – We stock elegant and functional interior accents that will complement your living space, giving it that 'all things soft and beautiful' look.

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